Word From the Mayor's Office

The mayor is the head of administration and has the overarching strategic and political responsibility Mhlontlo local municipality. The Mayor together with the Executive committee have a political responsibility for sound governance and effective service delivery.

The mayor is also Mhlontlo local municipality’s first citizen and represents the municipality at ceremonial functions

The objectives of the office of the mayor are to:

  • Ensure effective political direction and decision making
  • Ensure good liaison with regional provincial and national political structures
  • Ensure the effective management of the executive committee
  • Provide support service for sport and culture promotion
  • Provide particular support to disadvantaged groups (Women, youth ,elderly, Disabled and HIV/AIDS)
  • Ensure effective communications with the media around political direction.

Our Vision

Mhlontlo envisions itselfs as a “Responsive, stable and accountable municipality that improves lives of its people”.

Our Mission

To achieve the vision, the Mhlontlo Municipality “aims to deliver sustainable quality services, in an effective and efficient manner, through meaningful participation by all stakeholders”.

Our Key Objectives

  • Expediting the reduction of service delivery backlogs.
  • Addressing absolute poverty, food security and reduction of youth unemployment.
  • Ramping up economic growth by giving special focus to the growth and development of the agriculture and forestry, as well as tourism economic sectors.

About the Municipality

Mhlontlo Local Municipality is an administrative area in the OR Tambo District of Eastern Cape in South Africa. Mhlontlo was a chief of the Pondomise people during the 19th century.